• The Lessons Management Hub

    More than just a passive lessons learned database, the Lessons Management Hub (LMH) is a complete management system for your organisation's lesson-learning workflow. Through use of LMH, you can be assured that every lesson will lead to action, and that repeat mistakes will be reduced or eliminated.

  • Your staff around the organisation identify lessons through project-related and other processes, and enter these into the LMH. The entry template is standard, with a fully customisable set of metadata. The hub routes the lessons through a validation process, which may include the validation or creation of implementation actions. Lessons and actions are tracked through to resolution, following a workflow defined by you, with notifications handled by email. Lessons and observations can be retrieved through a wide range of search options, including the ability to subscribe for notifications. Admin staff, or staff with oversight of the lessons process, can generate a number of reports, to track the learning process and to allow intervention if needed.

  • The unique selling points of the Lessons Management Hub set it apart from simple passive systems such as SharePoint or Excel.

  • 1. Lessons are consistently carried through into action, and embedded in organisation process. Unlike a passive database, which relies on people coming to look for the lessons, LMH ensures each lesson is assigned an action, and automatically routes these to the action-holder by email. The lesson is not "closed" until the action is taken.
    2. Lessons are recorded in a consistent format. LMH records lessons using a consistent set of text fields, based on current best practice in lesson systems, ensuring the lessons contain all the context and details they need to be reusable.
    3. Lessons are consistently tagged and categorised. Each lesson is tagged with a set of consistent parameters which you set up for your organisation.  Let us know if you want to upload your own taxonomy.
    4. There is a quality control step for lessons. Each lesson passes through two gates - an approval of the text (to weed out poorly written lessons) and a validation step (to ensure the lesson is of high value, and that the action is correct). These steps can be combined if you wish.
    5. Individuals can subscribe to notification about certain types of lessons. Unlike passive systems, LMH allows people to be actively notified of any new lesson in their area or topic of interest.
    6. The flow of lessons can be tracked and monitored. The lessons management team can generate a suite of reports that allow them to oversee the lessons process and identify where lessons are being generated, where they are being taken into action, and where they are held up in the system.
    7. Closed lessons are archived. Instead of a database clogged with old, duplicate and out-of-date lessons, LMH archives all lessons once the actions are complete and the learning has been embedded into training, procedures or specifications.


  • Contact us if you need more details, to enquire about pricing, or to arrange an online demonstration

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